EES Army Evaluation System Regulation

EES Army Evaluation System RegulationEES Army Evaluation System – Everyone in the military must adhere to all military personnel must adhere to the EES Army Evaluation System Regulation it is a kind of discipline which is crucial. It is accessible in a secure way and how do you use it?

In order to get an assessment of their performance soldiers must utilize an Evaluation Entry System (EES) as one of the required instruments. Later on, the outcomes from the evaluation can affect the quality, position improvement, and any other training believed to be required by the organization. With EES, the EES Army Evaluation System, soldiers can retain their superiority and high degree of performance in order to safeguard the interests of the nation.

PPT Revised Officer Evaluation Reports 1 APR 14

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What is the EES Army Evaluation System?

Get started by visiting, which is an evaluations website. With a click that you are able to access anytime you will be provided with detailed information on the EES Army Evaluation System Regulation. Within this area, you’ll find links to papers and other resources that will assist you in studying and understanding EES more efficiently and effectively.

In the majority of cases, EES is a form that serves as a reporting mechanism for army officers who are looking at their own performance. Additionally, assessment reports for noncommissioned officers are also included in the EES too. For papers that are provided as PDF files, it is essential to be quick and flexible. Make sure that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer to ensure that you can open PDF files. On the same page, don’t forget to view the video that shows how to use EES correctly.

The availability of a variety of readers will allow you to download and obtain knowledge on how to utilize EES in the quickest way possible for you to succeed. Check that you have a CAC reader, and that the DoD certificate has been installed before you proceed. In addition, you must run Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 on your computer in addition to making changes to the internet Explorer browser in order to complete the process.

Accessibility Restrictions for EES and Solutions

It is not always easy to access the EES Army Evaluation System. Certain people may encounter difficulties in trying to access content through direct links. For example, Then, by selecting the second tab on the site and attempting to access that link back to EES again, you will be prompted to log into AKO with your CAC.

Not being too indolent to learn and review the required videos and papers is the most crucial aspect of completing an EES Army Evaluation System effectively. A number of important pieces of information are in the PDF documents that are available to you to enable you to to take part in the evaluation process properly. If you’re not able to solve your access failure problem Do not hesitate to speak to our support team for fast and efficient assistance with access.

Instructions for Logging Into EES Army Evaluation System

  1. Check that your CAC Card and CAC Reader are both available.
  2. Go to the Army Human Resources Command website at to learn more about their programs.
  3. Go to this link to access the Evaluation Entry System:
  4. Go to analytics to access the Evaluation Reporting System.
  5. Obtain a copy of the EES Training Guide at:

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